Advanced Coherent Technologies, LLC’s (ACT’s) experience lies in all aspects of environmental remote sensing, beginning with modeling environmental processes to determining how those processes modulate incident light fields. We study how those modulations propagate to an observation point and then determine the specifications of a sensor optimized to detect those modulations.

Here at ACT, we maintain the ability to develop a wide range of hardware and software solutions: complete systems design and testing, mathematical modeling and algorithm development, airborne data collections, and data product generation.  We pride ourselves in our ability to diagnose individual needs and requirements that, in turn, provide for a much more tailored, specialized, and finely-tuned finished product. 

Testing Support
  • Aerial and maritime platforms
  • Remote datalinks
  • Mobile ground control

Software Design
  • Real-time image processing
  • Custom camera control software
  • Custom algorithms tailored to individual project
  • User-friendly interface

Mechanical Design
  • Custom gimbal payload design
  • CAD design & dafting
  • High quality, competitive cost
  • Superior payload design
  • Stress & thermal analysis and processing software

Electrical Design
  • Custom CPU/GPU processing unit
  • Enhanced circuit board design