ACT builds modular camera systems with COTS products for easy interchangeability to tailor to a specific application. ACT's systems are deployed on manned and unmanned platforms to provide real-time data support and acquisition for remote sensing, surveillance, reconnaissance, and situational awareness in both maritime and land-based contexts.

  • Data transmitted via single GigE line
  • Customized Cloud Cap TASE400© gimbal
  • Designed for commercial and military applications
  • Lightweight, gyro-stabilized compact payload
  • Capable of multispectral, hyperspectral, and Wide Area Mapping applications
  • Easily tailored to customer needs

Processing Units

ACT’s Power Processing Module (PPM) Series features a computer, graphics processor, and specified algorithms for target detection, and is designed for on-board, real-time processing capable of delivering actionable information. Outfitted with removable hard drives of up to 2 TB of storage, the PPM is designed for rapid data analysis and response.

  • Lightweight and low power consumption
  • Designed for commercial and military applications
  • Flight-tested and operational on multiple manned and unmanned platforms
  • Customizedt to fit customer application